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where to enjoy a cup of sage

Leaves of tea grasped by few.
A blend of old world steeped in new.
Dawn and dusk comprise the cue.
A zen from when we all breathed free.
As root to branch to family tree.
Like still waters be.

Ancient wisdom in today's tea.

Lifestyle. Health. Tea.

With 46 years of experience, we developed an exclusive and proprietary process of tea crafting; bringing to you truly fine Gaba Tea. Higher concentrations of anti-oxidants and GABA than 'other' GABA teas. Anti-anxiety, anti-stress and weight loss are but a part of the health benefits. When we say 'premium,' we are serious. All Natural, whole leaf tea. Reach your zen.

GABA Tea is an anti-anxiety, anti-stress nutrient with calming and relaxing properties. GABA Tea has been used clinically for prostate problems, depressed libido and as a non-habit forming and non-addictive sleep aid. This is all because GABA ( Gamma-aminobutyric acid ) is a naturally occuring amino acid that is produced by the human body. GABA's primary function is to inhibit the firing of neurons in our brain and thus acts as a natural tranquilizer to slow our bodies down resulting in less stress and anxiety with better mental focus. Because of this inhibitory function, GABA sends messages to the brain, spinal cord, heart, lungs, and kidneys to slow down.

Twenty years ago, it was discovered that tea which is oxidized in a nitrogen-rich atmosphere produces the highest concentration of GABA elements - more so than any other type of tea. In addition, our GABA tea has more antioxidants such as polyphenols, flavanoids and catechins.

The many benefits of GABA tea include reduced high blood pressure, mental alertness, weight loss aid, anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial, stress relief and anxiety relief.

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